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GNU6 ="GNU SIX"= "GNU Software Integration with XML"


GNU6 is a new technology that allows rapid development and integration of multi-threaded distributed enterprise applications. It is designed to provide a powerful software integration solution that can naturally adapt to customer's infrastructure and grow inline with business requirements.

GNU6 is a single open source integration platform which can solve any integration and automation problem across any enterprise. Its implementation gives rapid results and dramatically decreases development, testing and deployment time for business solutions. GNU6 is designed to build from the ground-up enterprise dependable, fully customizable, scalable, reliable systems that can perform enterprise-wide mission critical tasks.

GNU6 is indispensable integration tool that can transform information technology (and in particular open source software) into business assets. The kernel of GNU6 is a free software distributed under the GNU General Public License The current version of GNU6 is implemented in Java and its XML interface is furnished by Xerces.

A project in GNU6 environment is defined by several XML configuration files called "mlists". Each mlist contains a schedule and a sequence of instructions for GNU6 server. Those instructions are references to java objects called "moves". An example of an mlist is as follows.


< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? >
<!DOCTYPE personnel SYSTEM "/home/sergey/devel/gnu6/build/etc/mlist.dt" >

< Log file="test.log"/>

< schedule >

    < TimeZone zone="PST" />
    < everyday>             
            < time start="4:0:0 AM" end="11:15:0 AM" /> 
            < time start="1:45:0 PM" end="7:15:0 PM" /> 
    < /everyday>   
    < day date="09/22/2001"> 
            < time start="9:0:0 AM" end="1:15:0 PM" />
    < /day>
    < holidays >
            < Saturday  /> 
            < Sunday /> 
            < day date="07/04/2002"/> 
    < /holidays >
<move name="org.gnu6.moves.log">
        <parameter name="message" value="Hello World!!!" />
<move name="org.gnu6.moves.clearState"/>
<move name="org.gnu6.moves.log">
         <parameter name="message" value="Bye now." />


This mlist is parsed by GNU6 server and each move is executed in accordance with the given time schedule. GNU6 provides utility in order to verify whether a given mlist is properly written and all moves are available for Java Virtual Machine (JVM). GNU6 also has a utility for converting a given mlist into a stand-alone java application.

Each move in GNU6 environment is a separate thread. Thus GNU6 allows to create a multi-threaded java application configurable via XML. Moreover this application can be rapidly changed or updated by editing its XML configuration.

GNU6 team designed and developed a number of commercial projects and accumulated a large variety of GNU6 tools and moves. However, not all of them are free software due to commercial nature of applications. Nevertheless, GNU6 comes with some library of general moves and our hope is that the number of free moves will grow in the future.

GNU6 technology was successfully applied for solving a wide range of complex business problems such as:

  • Connecting trading partners and data integration on the enterprise level.
  • Automation and monitoring of processes across the enterprise.
  • Integration of new applications with the existing legacy business systems.
  • Integration of customer-driven business processes into existing enterprise structure.
  • Implementation of B2B exchange on the basis of industry-accepted standards.

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